The Man with the Best Doctors at His Fingertips Says, “Don’t be Afraid of COVID, I feel Great!”

Okay so. This was literally my worst fear when Trump got sick. We all pray for him to get better, he gets better, and then what? He tells everyone not to be afraid of COVID, we have all these great treatments.

I’m seriously angry about this.

1-Trump is lucky that he did not have serious consequences to his time with COVID.

2-Trump had all of the best doctors, facilities, and time to rest in order to recover. Most other people do not have access to even ONE of these thing let alone all three.

3- How many people have COVID because of his irresponsibility? I have literally lost count of all the people who got it because of him just at the event in his SCOTUS pick party.

4- Most importantly, he is not thinking about people who can’t afford to have every single one of the newest, most expensive. experimental medicines to keep them feeling like a million bucks when they get this disease. Ironically, the event where this seems to have spread was in the honor of a justice nominee whose #1 goal is to get rid of the ACA which was designed to help those of us who cannot afford healthcare.

5- For most of the american people, IF they could afford to get this care-they would struggle to figure out how to pay for it, for a long, long time after this short weekend of being sick.

6- This has killed so many people, his callousness and bragging about how great he is feeling is inconsiderate to say the least to all of those who are grieving their lost family members or suffering in crowded hospitals, unsure if they are going to survive.

I can’t even capture all the million emotions I am having about this, but it is disgusting to me that after putting so many other lives in danger, and getting way better care than anyone else in the US could have gotten, it’s ok to parade how awesome he is feeling in front of the hundreds of thousands of people who are suffering, or know someone who is now dead.

Really, all I want to say to him is, “How dare you?!? The entire country prayed for you, and you had all the best doctors and the fanciest hospital. Of course you got better. How can you not see how bad this would be for someone who did not have the resources you did?!?”

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