The Power of a Peaceful Leader: The Fly and the Fruit

“Blessed are the Peacemakers.”

First of all, can I just say, it was so nice to have a debate so chill that all anyone is talking about is THE FLY?!? Man I needed to wake up for one day and read a thousand jokes about that funny moment in the debate after what happened last week. It’s a great example of something I have always struggled with regarding President Trump.

Many people are speaking about the way Trump talks as if it doesn’t hurt anyone, like his words are inconsequential to what he does for our country. That’s not true. I have been stunned by the change in the country especially from many who support Trump, even some people who are usually kind, developed this harsh edge to them, and lack of care for the poor and those less fortunate than themselves.

More importantly though, I will always remember the way Bush addressed the nation after 9/11, with hope and peace. Whether we all agree with him or not, he spoke with gentleness and calm, acknowledging the problem, but encouraging us that we could get through it together. With all of the crises we went through this year, our President did not do that. He mocked people, ignored recommendations, and said dangerous, violent words.

Whose voice do I remember from the beginning of COVID and throughout the unrest? George Bush again, and Joe Biden. Biden brought the calm this country needed and stepped in to fill the shoes of what a president should do, even when he would not get the credit for it, and may never get the job. As someone who has worked a bunch of jobs that I did not get credit for, I can tell you the emotional stamina that takes is insane, especially in as stressful a year as this. Then, when Trump got COVID, Biden did not give an “I told you so,” though he would have been well within his rights to do so. No. Instead he asked others to pray with him for Trump. Whether or not his listeners followed, he encouraged peace and bipartisan charity.

The plot of violence in Michigan seems to be yet another instance of citizens feeling emboldened by Trump’s reckless provocation. We can’t know whether or not they would have done it either way. However, this is not the first time that violence has followed evocative tweets from the President. In my opinion, it seems unreasonable to think that his words have no effect on these people that idolize him. Whether it is as obvious as the Proud Boys making a shoulder patch quoting him, or as arguable as a follower of his crossing state lines to shoot protestors, his words have not produced good fruit. One of the most important reasons I am fighting for Biden is because I believe this world needs kindness and peace desperately after a terrifying 4 year term of cruelty and hatred.

Please vote. Kindness and love matter.

St. Joseph, you kept peace in a situation where most people would have given in to anger, pray for our country to have peace again.

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