In His Own Words: Biden on Abortion

For those who are struggling with Biden’s stance on abortion, this article was helpful to me to understanding what his stance actually is.

Particularly important is the part where it clarifies that Trump was incorrect when he said that Biden wants to make it so there are no limits on abortion. This is not the case.

Biden fought Roe v Wade when it had not yet been decided, but now that it has been made law, he has abided by it, but has fought for an end to different types of abortions that he believes are allowable according to the law.

Note: I am not saying that there are no issues for Catholics with his approach, but I do think it is important to understand that he is not the far-left abortion candidate that many have made him out to be. I think that is important when we are considering the weight of his stance on abortion against the issues which Trump goes against Catholic teaching.

See my letter on forming Catholic Consciences in regard to this topic:

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