How to be Pro-Babies without hurting Pro-Choice People

Here is a list of some ideas of ways to be pro-life that would protect what women are afraid of when people talk about reversing Roe v Wade.

*Legally-Instead of reversing Roe V Wade-because it cites women’s right to medical privacy, ADD to it. Create restrictions on doctors regarding abortion. The current law protects the women’s right to privacy, but we could potentially create laws directed towards doctors helping to prevent the medical procedure of abortion being used in harmful or unnecessary ways. (please note that the same procedure is used for permissible medical needs.)

*Be a pro-life feminist. Help women to have the care they need, to be able to work, to be able to feed their families. Work to create a culture that does not put women at such risk if they have children.

*Be a scientist-Learn about life. When does it start, how do we scientifically define life. Can we prove that life begins at conception, or is this a religious issue?

*Tell your story-Many women I know have suffered miscarriages, and had intense experiences of the child as a whole person. That kind of story can help people to understand why this issue is so important to you, without infringing on them and making them afraid.

*LISTEN- When pro-choice talk to you about their concerns, do not resort to calling them “baby-killers” or “Nazi’s,” instead, take the time to hear what their concerns are and try to figure out a way we can help them, and help babies at the same time.

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