Don’t Tell Me THIS is Goodness

“And since I can’t seem to reach these people, all I can do is to declare as often and as loudly as I am able, that I am not with them.

We are not of like heart or like faith.

We are not doing the same work.

I do not share their fear of their neighbor.

I do not echo their contempt for the least.

I do not co-sign their prolific malice.”

I know that there are MAGA Christians who believe that they have no choice but to vote for Trump because of abortion, and there are those who don’t believe any of the things said about him, but it is a daily struggle for me to wrap my head around how anyone who calls themselves a Christian can observe Trump’s behavior, not even the mainstream media’s version of it, but his actual documented behavior, and believe that it is ok.

In a religion where we are taught love and humility, and caring for the least of these, I cannot understand how someone can watch him trample on the rights, needs, and desires of the needy, and think that somehow HE is the good one. Yet, it happens. Bishops, magazine owners, websites,have come forward and called this a battle between good and evil.

Can you explain to me how the “good” side is the racist one that wants to make sure that low income people can’t get a home? That’s not media, that’s Trump’s Twitter.

Can you explain to me how the “good” side is the side that is constantly provoking Nazi groups to act in their favor? Again, not mainstream media, that’s Twitter and debates, and public(even live) speeches.

Can you explain to the me how the “good” side is the one that may be about to fire his second FBI Director for not doing what he wanted him to do?

Or what about the “good” things he is doing that you are praising? The executive orders that it is ok to discriminate against people for reasons you believe they are bad? Jesus would still have wanted a transgender person to receive adequate medical care, and he would have prevented hate crimes against homosexual people.

Or ending affordable healthcare with no plan to replace it? I know multiple people dying of cancer right now who lost insurance because of what he has already done, their deaths are ok his hands. There will be so so many more if he gets rid of medical help for thousands.

Do you think Jesus would have done these things? If this is a battle for good and evil, THIS is the good?


I could go on….for hours. I could scream for hours about how much you are confusing people who are trying to learn their faith. There are little ones watching you and they do not understand why you say he is good.

So stop saying he is good.

If you believe you have to vote for him because of abortion, at least stop advocating for this monster as if he is the second coming. This is not what Jesus looked like and it is sinful to make people think it is.

Jesus came with mercy and love for the little ones, and He has it still. Trump does not.

Stop confusing people about who Jesus is and whether or not He loves them.

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