Dear Trump Supporters, Part II

Dear Trump Supporters,

I am so, so angry at you.

Like so angry I would like to stand on a pedestal and scream unkind things at you.


Because I am scared out of my mind of what is happening in our country right now.

The President fired the secretary of defense right after he lost the election, he’s refusing to concede, threatening to fire the FBI director and the CIA director, refusing to allow the future president to learn about the threats to our country, and generally in every way setting our country up to be vulnerable to attack from him or someone else over the next few months.

The man has 400 million in debt coming to collect as soon as he leaves the presidency and a slew of criminal charges he could not be tried for while in office.

And you don’t see it.

You cheer him on and continue to talk about him like he’s a savior sent from God, when he has been tearing our country apart for four years and now in a tantrum of cosmic proportions he may destroy whatever is left of us.

What makes it worse is the overwhelming hypocrisy of this. When Hilary Clinton voters said she should have asked for a recount-in states she legitimately qualified for a recount in-you were hateful. I remember how vigorously you mocked and made fun of Al Gore during and after the Gore-Bush recounts. Yet no matter how big the margin is and how much proof there is about how fair it was you cry “Cheater, Cheater” and “It’s not over,” and Trump’s favorite line, “fake news.”

You criticize Biden for “accepting the presidency prematurely” when your candidate declared it when MOST Americans had not had their vote counted yet. At a time when we were not calling you cheaters. No, we were crying and mourning in shock, but we were respectful of the vote.

You made fun of Clinton and Gore and yet now, in the most unprecedented refusal to accept a vote, you are cheering him on. All we have asked for is peace, and unity. We have offered you so many olive branches at great sacrifice to ourselves.

It is taking everything in me to not spew the same hatred and vitriol you have shoved at us. I worked extremely hard to not speak during the election as emotions flew through me in every which direction. I waited until results were certain and I have not even allowed myself to really celebrate out of respect for your loss. I have comforted many of you, I reached out to all of you with comfort and assurance that you matter too. In fact, so did Joe Biden, even more importantly than me. Over and over, he offered you peace and love and you have spat in his face.

You begged my whole life for democrats to stop getting rid of the name of God, and when one reverently turns his thanks to God, and entrusts the country to Him, praying for peace and unity, you refuse to accept him. At the same time you cheer for a man who is the opposite of Christ in every way imaginable. His cruelty and lack of compassion for anyone who is suffering, and that of his worst followers, is an abomination, and it is evil. I said in my last post that he is not a demon or a monster, but what he is doing is clearly evil and it is what Jesus constantly spoke out against in Scripture. In fact, I have never seen so many swastikas and KKK outfits or been so afraid of them in my life, and Trump has stoked that fire too many times to count.

I don’t know if any of this will get through to you, or if any of this insane hypocrisy will ever be over, but all we want is a country where we can all fight together to get the world to be a better place. We care about what you have to say, and we want to work together, but you want to destroy us.

Trump’s entire platform is hatred of the rest of us, and you don’t care enough to save us.

Please stop. Please hear the cries of all of the people that Trump is destroying and walking all over. Please hear the sounds of weeping from every corner of the world as you cheer on the mighty who would sacrifice the poor for their own pleasure. Please. Hear us.

And if you don’t then I pray with my whole heart that God does. And He has so far because He has showed you a million times what Trump is doing wrong, and if you don’t see it you’re not looking.

Repent. And may Christ’s peace be with you.

-Julia O’Donnell

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