Christmas 2020

We are all approaching this Christmas with different eyes, changed hearts, and a new way of living. We didn’t know last year what we know now, and maybe it wouldn’t have mattered if we did, or maybe it would. It could have ruined the atmosphere thinking of what would happen, or maybe we would live it up to prepare for what’s to come. Either way, we are here now, together.

Christmas 2020 so far is full of strange mixed feelings, whether I am in the social media sphere or anchored in my own life. My husband was ecstatic to finish his semester of school, and then had to go to the dentist for a cracked tooth. A role model of mine worked so hard to get her cookies done that she spent the night in the emergency room did to a food processor injury. My own heart weighs heavy with worries about those who are struggling, but I got to help a few of them this week.

The message in so much of this for me has been, “Slow down. Do less. Just relax.” I got the courage up yesterday to paint my dining room and I did it, but the second coat was too much for me to do today, and somehow that’s okay. While trying to help those who are struggling, I got myself into a total panic mode and feeling the weight of the entire world on my shoulders.

Finally, I just let some of it go. We decided to do nothing today that wasn’t completely necessary. That was the best decision we could have made. I am currently listening to Patrick sing along to indie folk music while he makes tacos, and the girls are low-key fighting over a balloon downstairs. Meanwhile, I am just breathing and reading a creative book in this house that is just so very evocative of my creative voice, looking at the pieces that I am slowly collecting to express me for the first real time ever.

This Christmas looks different than any we have ever had, but don’t be afraid to let the 2020-ness slow you down. Don’t be afraid to step away from the chaos, or the grief or the worry; and just BE in the quiet or the peace. It is, after all, called a silent night for a reason. 😉

Until He is born-Happy Christmas Eve loves.



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