New Year’s Eve

I know sometimes it feels like everything is dark, like there is nothing to hope for or live for. If you are sinking tonight, let me hold you. I’m so sorry for what you have been through this year. I’m sorry. I know it hurts.

Let me stroke your hair as you weep into your pillow when your loneliness is too much to bear. Let me touch you with my warmth when numbness has turned your whole body cold. Let me love you when it feels like everyone you have ever loved is gone.

Jewel sang we are God’s hands, so let me be His hands for you, tonight when all seems too much to bear, let me hold you up, and hold your hand, and face this coming year.

#happynewyear2020 #2020 #2020vision #fireworks #hope #loveislove #peace #comeholyspirit #christiansofinstagram #catholiccreatives #ywcm #sent #light #lighttheworld

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