January 17-21: Urgent Read

It has come to my attention that not everyone is as inundated with the news as I am. The FBI has issued warnings for VIOLENT protests in all 50 states. A man was arrested in Florida with weapons, and one in DC had 500 rounds of ammo. Michigan and Minnesota have known threats TODAY. (January 17)

Please be careful today and this week. It is not a lack of trust in God to keep watch. Personally, I pray to the Holy Spirit, and I have had moments when I had a bad feeling and I just know not to go somewhere, when I haven’t listened, many times I have seen why. If something in you tells you to stay home this week, or go to a place you don’t usually go, hear him. “If today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts.” According to the Trump supporters and tweets I have seen posting about this, you may want to have some back up supplies in case of emergency, they are recommending 10-14 days of food and supplies to stay safe. Places that I have heard threatened are 1. State capitols, 2. ‘Liberal’ churches(speculation is that they are looking specifically for diverse Churches), and 3. News outlets.

Lastly, rest in His peace. Throughout Scripture, God speaks of how 1000 may fall around you, and yet you will be safe. Rest in His promises, read His word. I don’t think it was an accident that Biden used On Eagle’s Wings in his victory address. It is the perfect song for right now(my favorite rendition is by Shane and Shane.) Psalm 91(On Eagle’s Wings) I have also been prayingPsalm 46(Lord of Hosts) for God’s protection in the face of darkness. ♥️ Shonda Rhimes posted a great article on the importance of Rest as Resistance, and AOC posted a sweet note and video reminding us to look forward to brighter days. Penguin Dance

Please know I am praying for you today and all week, and please join me in prayer for our country, many have committed to the daily Rosary, and I am praying the novena to Mary Undoer of Knots, as well as prayer throughout the day and praise and worship music. If you can, offer small sacrifices throughout the day as well. Most importantly raise your voice for the oppressed, break chains, free those bound unjustly, the Lord says to fast in this way and He will hear your prayers. How to Fast: God’s Way

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