News for my Followers!!!

Hey guys!! So first of all I am so sorry for being absent so much lately! I have had the craziest couple of years! I had two HG pregnancies in a row and now I have two wonderful daughters under two years old. Needless to say that keeps me pretty busy! I want you to... Continue Reading →


I accessed this blog today, for the first time in almost a year. It was almost an afterthought of sending a poem into an online journal that I have an immense amount of respect for. They write truth, but more importantly, they write what is in my heart. There is nothing more powerful than that... Continue Reading →

Fat Yoga

i read this article this morning and I was so touched. I have struggled with body image my entire life, probably somewhat influenced by my mothers constant body shaming towards herself. Reading this article really touched me because to me it is what yoga is all about. People now struggle with body image like crazy,... Continue Reading →

An Impossible Task

Babies are born when a mommy and daddy love each other, And the stars all align, And no one gets sick, And all the genes add up correctly, And the mother is perfectly still, But not so perfectly still that the baby dies, And if the mothers doesn't take hot baths, But takes warm baths,... Continue Reading →

The Silence

Hush. Do you hear the melody of the candles flame?   Can you feel the smoke as it twists through your nose? Are you waiting for everyday's chores to tornade-o into your mind, Or are you capable of this moment, quiet and clean?   Tell me traveler if the time stops running by, But not... Continue Reading →

Vengeance is Mine.

The land runs red with the lives of so many. Politicians clamoring for it to echo with their truth, Screaming out for their own brand of justice, The one that makes them Ceaser, A head on their very own golden coin. Riches mean more to them that the lives of the little people. But doesn't... Continue Reading →

Morning Pages

Morning Pages are stupid, Like a prayer to a void that doesn't hear you. I can hear critics saying now "That's redundant, Why would she say a void that won't hear you? Of course a void doesn't hear you!" Well, it's not redundant if it's for emphasis. I want the reader to feel the isolation.... Continue Reading →

The Yoga of Me

Yoga is doing something to me. Everytime I come to yoga class something comes alive in me, or maybe it doesn't come alive- maybe it just turns its head ever so slightly, like a sleeping dragon. I have not written here in so long. So much has happened. I moved back in with my parents to... Continue Reading →

Meadows and Flame

I'm coming to you once again today, Naked of soul in child's innocence, Robed in lavish scarlet of latent love, And dying for just one moment of truth. Years of whispering to the night sky, Yield to the flit of a deer's flaming tail, Turning to defy bloodied hunter's hands, At the iminent threat to... Continue Reading →

Maybe Not.

Hello there. Hello. What are you doing here? Same thing as you. What are you looking for? Same as you. I don't believe it. It's been a while. Yes, it has. Last time I saw, we held a grudge... Fire and brimstone complete. Yes. You wrestled me away. I did, at the time. And then... Continue Reading →

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