The Tension Between Gratitude and Desire

Lately I’ve been having a struggle that seems so stupid to me sometimes, but other times it is enough to paralyze me with anxiety. I have been struggling with being grateful for what I have when I want more. I think maybe I feel like it is inherently ungrateful to want things. The reason I feel silly about it sometimes is that some of the … Continue reading The Tension Between Gratitude and Desire

Lea Michele: What I wanted to say to you back then

Lea Michele, I haven’t forgotten you. For years I have had the image of you plastered in my mind from the tabloids after you found out Cory Monteith had died. My heart bled for you. There was one that talked about what he said to you in his last voicemail. It struck me as cruel to report about such a sacred moment in your life. … Continue reading Lea Michele: What I wanted to say to you back then

Thank you, Jussie Smollett: Sending love

  The first thing I saw when I searched for news of your attack was, He “turned down extra security before the event.” My mind started spinning with conspiracy theories from every TV show I have ever watched. If this was the CW, you would have perfectly orchestrated the attack for some money-related reason, or some politician would have done the same, but so that … Continue reading Thank you, Jussie Smollett: Sending love


It’s funny how much morning determines your day. One little thing foes just slightly wrong and you can’t recover for the rest of the day. Today it was just that hubby and I were talking about his asberger’s, and he just tuned out all of a sudden. Walked away and went to the shower. He didn’t even understand when I was frustrated. I hate when … Continue reading Morning

The Poet Will Die

Leonard: “Why does someone have to die…in your book?”Virginia: “Someone has to die in order that the rest us should value life more…it’s contrast”Leonard: “And who will die?”…Virginia: “The poet will die. The visionary.” It was one of those when somehow everything is perfectly beautiful and wonderful. A trap suffocated the joy that was meant to be expressed a the day, but it danced at … Continue reading The Poet Will Die

Suddenly So Alive

Art, and the beauty inside it, is meant to shock us,Wrench us forward into being alive.Suddenly a light is incandescent in our field of life,Not line of sight, like some would say-that’s not enough No, it comes across our field of is, was, will be,And shines for just a moment, like a glimpseOf peripheral vision. Pain that lights up the skies.Tears that won’t quite come … Continue reading Suddenly So Alive