Make Your Choice

About a week ago, I wrote a blog post about man's ability to choose his God. I have noticed that God will, in many ways, be whoever we ask Him to be. Even immediately after I wrote it, though I felt it was finished and said it was supposed to say, I felt like there... Continue Reading →

“The Elusive Nature of God”

*title by Patrick O'Donnell The hard thing, the impossible thing, about God, or really I guess about a true relationship with God, is that He is not physically present in the way that our other relationships are. The philosophical question as my husband phrased it is, "Is it even possible to have a relationship with... Continue Reading →

Come to Me

The darkness was supposed to have lifted. And maybe it did. But I could not see it because I was still screaming. In the fetal position on the floor with my hands covering my eyes and my ears. Screaming like no one has ever heard someone scream before. Feeling every tendril of despair wrapping around... Continue Reading →

King and God

Duct tape clings to my face as twisting fingers pull and clasp at it. Fuck you monsters. I can't stop screaming as each moment passes. Moments have tendriled phlanges curling around themselves, Scraping their prey in millions of different directions at once. Stop the moments, Screaming at the top of my lungs, I beg for... Continue Reading →


Lord, I don't know if I believe in soulmates,Because if I believed in soulmates,I'd have to believe that we were meant to be together,And I don't know if I could handle that pain.

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