Thank you, Jussie Smollett: Sending love

  The first thing I saw when I searched for news of your attack was, He “turned down extra security before the event.” My mind started spinning with conspiracy theories from every TV show I have ever watched. If this was the CW, you would have perfectly orchestrated the attack for some money-related reason, or some politician would have done the same, but so that … Continue reading Thank you, Jussie Smollett: Sending love

How to Get Published Tip: Read Writer’s Market 2019

Last week, during my weekly reading time, I was reading a biography of a creative non-fiction writer. The talked about how they got started writing, and the most important element of their story was the Writer’s Market Deluxe Edition. A couple days later, I was researching how to get a children’s book published. The children’s edition of the same book came up. The next day, … Continue reading How to Get Published Tip: Read Writer’s Market 2019


It’s funny how much morning determines your day. One little thing foes just slightly wrong and you can’t recover for the rest of the day. Today it was just that hubby and I were talking about his asberger’s, and he just tuned out all of a sudden. Walked away and went to the shower. He didn’t even understand when I was frustrated. I hate when … Continue reading Morning

Motherhood DID Ruin My Life

I keep seeing all these posts from other women that are supposed to be jabs at “the liberals” for talking about how miserable having lots of kids makes them.(I know I know Stereotype but it’s not my stereotype it’s theirs!) Instead it just makes me feel like they are showing off how awesome their life is. Now I know they aren’t doing this on purpose, … Continue reading Motherhood DID Ruin My Life