Come to Me

The darkness was supposed to have lifted. And maybe it did. But I could not see it because I was still screaming. In the fetal position on the floor with my hands covering my eyes and my ears. Screaming like no one has ever heard someone scream before. Feeling every tendril of despair wrapping around... Continue Reading →

Motherhood DID Ruin My Life

I keep seeing all these posts from other women that are supposed to be jabs at "the liberals" for talking about how miserable having lots of kids makes them.(I know I know Stereotype but it's not my stereotype it's theirs!) Instead it just makes me feel like they are showing off how awesome their life... Continue Reading →

Gone Girl

Sitting at the coffee table, modernized by the reflection his laptop made upon my eye, was a quietly made man. Not necessarily quiet as a self, though I hadn't heard him speak. There was just something quiet about his appearance, his very existence. He had glasses or maybe he didn't. But he was thinking about... Continue Reading →

Love’s Choice

I think my biggest worry is what I don't really love you,What if I hid it from myself again and I'm in a delusion once more,How could I do this to myself again? Could I?I did it before.I don't care this time.I don't care about my doubts, I want to marry you.I know there will... Continue Reading →

For a Moment of Time

Weeks have gone by since this cup has flowed out, And in that time i paced in paths unknown, But carefully I came to ny aetern shout, And waited at the feet to see what's shown. A figure passed whose form I nigh embraced, Another met in heartrooms corridor, The latter met and kissed my... Continue Reading →

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