Communion is like Sex

When I was in college, I took a class on Theology of the Body and it changed my life. A little after that class ended, I was kneeling at the Communion rail, when I heard as if from a quiet voice nearby, “Communion is like sex.” I shook it off as a temptation from the devil, because that sounded crazy, but it remained in my heart. Since that moment, it has formed and informed my relationship with Christ, my Bridegroom.

Now I know you may be totally freaking out that I would be putting those two terms in the same sentence. I think my mom thought I had lost my mind when I told her this theory, but hear me out. In sex, the man is literally inside the woman. In Communion(as far as Catholic beliefs), Jesus is inside of the person receiving him. In marriage, sex is the closest a husband and wife can get. On this earth, the closest we can get to Jesus is in the Eucharist. Sex unites the man and the woman. The Eucharist unites God and man. I could go on, but you get the idea.

This realization revolutionized my relationship with God. For the first time, it occurred to me that God wanted to be as close to us as He could possibly get. In eating His Body, we cannot get any closer to Him-He becomes a part of our body. What an intense and amazing kind of closeness that is, to be fully one with Him.

To believe in that powerful desire of God for me, changed the way I looked at everything spiritually. If God wants to be as close as a married couple, then of course He would want us to come to Him as much as possible, of course He would want us to be safe, of course He would want us to keep each other safe. Sin became an issue in our relationship with each other instead of a rule book being banged over my head. I started talking to God about anything and everything going on with me. I was able to bring anything to Him and be close to Him always.

Now, I use this relationship as a baseline for every decision I make in our spiritual life. Should I go to Church today even though I’m sick? If it was the best date ever with my husband, would I push through or stay home? Where should we go to Church? What Church furthers our closeness, does the Church harden my heart towards Him? In prayer, I bring literally everything to Him like a wife. We have even had marital spats. He yelled back and me pretty hard in Scripture the other day, in fact.

Because of all of this, He is always on my mind. He is the first one I talk to, vent to, complain to, and confide in. He is the one I tell my fears too, he is the one I hide with. He is the one who will follow me everywhere I go, and that’s a good thing because I like to be pursued. He is the one who holds me at night when everything that happened today is too hard.

If the Eucharist is that intense of a closeness with Jesus, how would that change your life with Him? How would you live it differently?

A Plea

The_great_gatsby The green light

What if it wouldn’t die?
What if the corpse waking up inside your chest,
Could breathe one more time?

What if one more time didn’t have to mean
Another death, another axe to grind,
Maybe it wouldn’t have to mean
Hanging your head for eternity?

What would you do?
Would you just breathe easy and smile for just one day?
Would you sing and chant and take your own breath away?
Would you cry?

Would you take away everything you know hurts inside?
Would you stab that pain in a heart it doesn’t have?
Would you live one day like you could see?
Would you be great?

What if one more time didn’t have to mean
Another death, another axe to grind,
Maybe it wouldn’t have to mean
Hanging your head for eternity?

Catherine of Siena said
“If you are what you are meant to be,
You’ll set the world on fire.”
So many of us are afraid of that incandescent light.

I won’t pretend, my fear is strong, my friend.
I’d be a hypocrite to say that I breathe every day.
No, I’m writing because I suffocate.
Because every breath I take is precious

My breaths are few and far between,
But sometimes for just a moment I see paradise
But I’ve been afraid that maybe now I’ll never see it again
That’s why I have to cry out
In longing and despair,
Save me from this nightmare

What if one more time didn’t have to mean
Another death, another axe to grind,
Maybe it wouldn’t have to mean
Hanging your head for eternity?(4x)

Maybe it wouldn’t have to mean hanging your head for eternity.
If God is a person, Lord, Jesus, let me breathe.

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