The Black Forest

Before it happened, I was driving through St Louis-looking at power lines.Just like Dallas-so many ugly power lines.I hate when there are so many power lines everywhere.DId I just not see these at home?Every time I see these I wonder, why do I hate themSo much, an immense frustration every timeThey offend my eyes and ruin... Continue Reading →

9000 and 100

The numbers whenever I watch something like this just blow my mind.8000-9000 square feet.....isn't that more than last year.100 hundred.And it's not containedSo much is safe, it's like worry is moot,Why be worried everyone is fine...Don't be sadBut everything is NOT fine.Those numbers. Maybe its self-absorption to actually BE upset,Selfish to worry about a... Continue Reading →

Fire Within and Without

Maybe it's a desire for the end of the surrealA craving for something beyond comprehension-to become real.Maybe its a vindictive self abuseA desire for a pain that speaksTo others and your crueller selfMaybe its a question of worthinessAm I worthy to be worriedOnly if its me tooMaybe it's even worseA desire for the attention to... Continue Reading →

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