Ask God For the Miracle

Dear God, Abba, Daddy, Help us. We have screwed up as a people in so many ways. We have been lost, we have been confused, and we have been selfish. We are afraid. God. Help us. We have turned from those who needed our help. We have not seen who needed us. We have been... Continue Reading →

Come to Me

The darkness was supposed to have lifted. And maybe it did. But I could not see it because I was still screaming. In the fetal position on the floor with my hands covering my eyes and my ears. Screaming like no one has ever heard someone scream before. Feeling every tendril of despair wrapping around... Continue Reading →

Cash doesn’t make up for loss

A friend of mine died this week. I posted a status, my farewell to him, and the only comment on it is a friend of mine who reminds me that I should remind people about the fundraiser going around for him. That really hurt, and today she asked me to spread the word about the... Continue Reading →

All Things Come to an End

For one to be, another one must leave, he said to me as i asked for all to last. Some things end, so something SO good may be, He said, as through my heart goosebumps passed. So the angel spoke as I watched life begin, And saw things pass to come and be renewed, At... Continue Reading →

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