As Quarantine began, the community led by Catholic Creatives exploded with innovators inspired to help others through their struggles. We faced our own giants of fear and trepidation, but something in us drove us to community and fellowship. My desire was to fill social media with art to help with the constant deluge of news... Continue Reading →

“Grab her pu***”

Ok, I am not a political person. If you know me at all you know this. I avoid the news like some people avoid horror movies, I have never voted for a candidate who was republican or democrat, I tend to either become silent or leave a conversation if it becomes political even remotely. My... Continue Reading →

Motherhood DID Ruin My Life

I keep seeing all these posts from other women that are supposed to be jabs at "the liberals" for talking about how miserable having lots of kids makes them.(I know I know Stereotype but it's not my stereotype it's theirs!) Instead it just makes me feel like they are showing off how awesome their life... Continue Reading →

Meadows and Flame

I'm coming to you once again today, Naked of soul in child's innocence, Robed in lavish scarlet of latent love, And dying for just one moment of truth. Years of whispering to the night sky, Yield to the flit of a deer's flaming tail, Turning to defy bloodied hunter's hands, At the iminent threat to... Continue Reading →

Writing to Write

The pen hits paper. Metaphorically. No one uses paper and pen anymore. I start speaking innermost thoughts, no feelings...no, I start painting my inner landscape outside of my body. The sadness of one day becomes a vicarious violent jaunt across a blood red sky. The joy of another becomes a happiness medley, a fogue of... Continue Reading →

The Long Lost Love

Penelope glides across a railing As she watches the tumultuous sea. Cloud masses rise above, pierced as lightning Cuts across the night's looming ebony. As her blackened hair turns, sad eyes appear, And gaze into the distance wistfully, For the long lost love who had once been here, But had sailed these long years restlessly.... Continue Reading →


Is it calling me home? Are the lights that go astray my beacon? To life do I come? Or do I leave and give in, and then weaken? She says the lights are shining, Turn to stone, But I am asking, Are they calling me home? If they are calling me, why? And where, where... Continue Reading →

For a Moment of Time

Weeks have gone by since this cup has flowed out, And in that time i paced in paths unknown, But carefully I came to ny aetern shout, And waited at the feet to see what's shown. A figure passed whose form I nigh embraced, Another met in heartrooms corridor, The latter met and kissed my... Continue Reading →

The Cross

There is a burden descended to my chest, I will not lie and say there isn't one, But the comfort is what's to come is best, And so I'm singing the redemption song. A Savior's come to lead me to my home, The one I've longed for since I was a child. He's told me... Continue Reading →

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