Pride Month is Over

Pride Month is really complicated for me. I’ve got very close friends and family members who are passionate protectors of LGBTQ+ rights, and I have friends and family members who are cruel in the way they talk about them, and everyone in between. I am here in the middle, a Catholic, and therefore not supposed... Continue Reading →


I have been procrastinating this post since Easter. I don't honestly know how to write this without sounding all the kinds of religious crazy. It's funny how much easier for me to share my spiritual struggle than to share this. This Easter, God sent me a gift. The city we just moved to has concerts... Continue Reading →

A Day Off’s Rant

Another job rejection today. I asked Wells Fargo for any more job openings because I didn't get the job because there was someone with more experience. The email back said that I need to take another 6 months to gain the background they need. The old cliche, you can't have this job until you get... Continue Reading →

The Fight

There's so much to be said today,It's like my heart might explode.Like I'm wandering in that space againWaiting to unload.There's goblins and witchesAnd demons and worseClawing at my insidesDrowning me, curseBut I find comfort in the glittering nightOf Gatsby's holy green light,The hope that he somehow held ontoWhile despair chants, so young and beautifulLike, I... Continue Reading →

Something is so unutterably lonely About the American way. I saw it in the longing gaze of Daisy Faye. She cried to her lover, begging for hope That only he could find Seas of chocolate sorrow begged his aid. These seas of sadness languished in opulence Surpassing all imagining Tears inside a diamond box of... Continue Reading →

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