Suddenly So Alive

Art, and the beauty inside it, is meant to shock us,Wrench us forward into being alive.Suddenly a light is incandescent in our field of life,Not line of sight, like some would say-that’s not enough No, it comes across our field of is, was, will be,And shines for just a moment, like a glimpseOf peripheral vision. Pain that lights up the skies.Tears that won’t quite come … Continue reading Suddenly So Alive

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Inspiration By Faith

Inspiration By Faith “An essential function of genuine beauty, as emphasized by Plato, is that it gives man a healthy “shock”, it draws him out of himself, wrenches him away from resignation and from being content with the humdrum – it even makes him suffer, piercing him like a dart, but in so doing it “reawakens” him, opening afresh the eyes of his heart and … Continue reading Inspiration By Faith

When I Make a Million Dollars

Someday-When I make a million dollars$1,000,0001. 1/10 to Charity(Maybe find at least one person who has always wanted to get into acting, and give them the money to help them get started, or start a foundation that does that)900,000 2. Pay off Student Loans830,000 3. Pay off Car and Buy a New One(from Tommy if he is still working at Freedom Honda)800,000 4. Pay off … Continue reading When I Make a Million Dollars