i don’t talk about you


As Quarantine began, the community led by Catholic Creatives exploded with innovators inspired to help others through their struggles. We faced our own giants of fear and trepidation, but something in us drove us to community and fellowship. My desire was to fill social media with art to help with the constant deluge of news... Continue Reading →

Thank you, Jussie Smollett: Sending love

  The first thing I saw when I searched for news of your attack was, He "turned down extra security before the event." My mind started spinning with conspiracy theories from every TV show I have ever watched. If this was the CW, you would have perfectly orchestrated the attack for some money-related reason, or... Continue Reading →

The Poet Will Die

Leonard: "Why does someone have to die...in your book?" Virginia: "Someone has to die in order that the rest us should value life more...it's contrast" Leonard: "And who will die?"... Virginia: "The poet will die. The visionary." It was one of those when somehow everything is perfectly beautiful and wonderful. A trap suffocated the joy... Continue Reading →

LA or Bust Update

After praying and considering and more praying, I have decided to leave the job I am currently at, so that I can put all of my energy into finding a job in Los Angeles, CA, that will enable me to work on getting into the film business. The city that I am living now is... Continue Reading →

Death is the Road to Awe

The Road to Awe   Death is the road to awe What ne’er living beings saw Death is road less traveled Solely when life unraveled. Death is a time for peace Whose comforting silence gains release Death is the darkest sign Of time to come with no time.   Awe is a road who fear... Continue Reading →

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