A Plea

What if it wouldn't die? What if the corpse waking up inside your chest, Could breathe one more time? What if one more time didn't have to mean Another death, another axe to grind, Maybe it wouldn't have to mean Hanging your head for eternity? What would you do? Would you just breathe easy and... Continue Reading →

The Fight

There's so much to be said today,It's like my heart might explode.Like I'm wandering in that space againWaiting to unload.There's goblins and witchesAnd demons and worseClawing at my insidesDrowning me, curseBut I find comfort in the glittering nightOf Gatsby's holy green light,The hope that he somehow held ontoWhile despair chants, so young and beautifulLike, I... Continue Reading →


Spoken:She left town on a greyhound bus, outta here,She had to run,Her everything had always been chasing her.Chords of artists somehow beyond herStretched within everything she closed awayHid from the eyes of the world.Sung:She braided hair down the side of her faceFound a corner in it to hideShe covered herself in neutral silk,In reality found... Continue Reading →

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