Collaboration Poems

Together The yellow golden lightOf the fast and steady whistling night,Cascading sound bytesWispy and translucent,Mirrors of affection, wolves incantations,Dirty sinners washing bloody hands,Washed ashore in sunlight’s sinking bands,A fading friends loss of cohesionGlimmers in the twilight’s sinking vision.Autumn whispers cold and strong,With winter’s cruel fingers come,To lay in snow body numb,He longs for rest, weary, cold.No three day tomb when Monday comes.   The Seen … Continue reading Collaboration Poems

Good Morning

Good morning, how are you today?I was so glad to hear from you.The phone rang with your things to say,And wishes I cannot undo. A heart’s wave rose to hear your call,Sunk in emotionless despair,Woke in gratefulness for the allTender, care, friend-love in your air. A meaningless gesture of loveFrom another to another’s own,Whispered like sun rays from above,That I’d not always be alone. I … Continue reading Good Morning

The Greats of Imagination

The ages saw one who true-lived his heart, Unashamed and diligent he was. He baited from within the deepest part, And pulled it forth, as the fisherman does. Another accompanied him sometime, Seeming to agree with most  of his thought, But his structure was then revealed in rhyme, A picket fence around the albatross. The two souls entertwined within themselves, Met in the union of … Continue reading The Greats of Imagination