The Beauty of the Crucifixion

My entire life I have struggled with the Crucifixion. I could never wrap my mind around God allowing His Son to go through something like that. To be honest, I don’t see that fully going away anytime soon, the problem of evil is my biggest hang up in life, and even when I find an answer to satisfy me for a bit, there’s still this nagging frustration about it existing. However, I have this image of what Jesus was trying to do that comforts me a little about it.

The biggest part of my struggle is this idea that Jesus came down to get crucified on purpose. That idea just literally makes me nauseous. I can’t stand it. However, I’ve had this idea lately, that maybe Jesus came to be human and all that that required, aka powerlessness over His fate.

What if He didn’t come for the purpose of being crucified, but to love. What if He came to be a person who loved us through everything, knowing that that does not end well in most circumstances. Maybe He chose a time in history when the suffering He would experience for it would be the worst it could be, but maybe His plan was not the pain.

I have this image of Him bloody and bruised looking at me and saying, “It’s ok to have a hard time. I’m here. I’ve been there.” It sounds crazy, like He would care about my tiredness on a long day of moming when His was so much worse, but I don’t believe that is how He works. Jesus said to the weeping women as He was carrying His cross “Weep not for me but for yourselves and your children,” and that revolutionized how I saw Him. When He was at His worst suffering, He was thinking of our pain. He saw us too. That doesn’t mean He wasn’t in pain, or struggling, but He saw us too. He didn’t say that we had no right to be sad because His suffering was worse. He basically said, “It’s okay to cry about what you are going through too, it is awful.” ♥️

Let that sink in for a second. I know I have to.

What a beautiful and amazing friend. Can we be that to other people?

Good Morning

Good morning, how are you today?
I was so glad to hear from you.
The phone rang with your things to say,
And wishes I cannot undo.

A heart’s wave rose to hear your call,
Sunk in emotionless despair,
Woke in gratefulness for the all
Tender, care, friend-love in your air.

A meaningless gesture of love
From another to another’s own,
Whispered like sun rays from above,
That I’d not always be alone.

I shook my head and condescend
To believe what another said-
That love for us will never end,
I’ll turn away unless I’m led.

But wouldn’t you once come home,
Come to me like a thief in night,
Meet like lovers in your old tome,
Meet body and soul into light.

The World Walks

God, the world is so very tired,
Just walking one step ahead slowly,
Weighed down by the one before it,
Head down to neither past nor future see.

The little women cry for water now,
And children sob in hunger for
Their bread. Men crass and hard vow,
Not to show pain in th’unending war.

It’s the hour of having seen,
Cursed by what’s still veiled,
Dead is hope for what’s to be,
That lovely ship long ago sailed.

We lay our troubles at your feet then,
And ask that you rest our weary trail of sin.

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