Maxima Culpa

I have been so frustrated about the existence of bad things lately. I saw a bird eating a roadkill squirrel the other day.I was so angry I didn't know whether to curse, or cry,So I just yelled, the entire way to Church about how unfair it was.I hate when people want to hurt other people.I am... Continue Reading →

The Guy in 5A

"Once upon at time in a far away land...."Damnit, why am I writing that again? It's been too long since I've sat down to write anything anyway, and now I can't even think of what to say. That's the phone, publishers calling me again. Damn that sound. Doesn't she know everytime she calls she break... Continue Reading →

Collaboration Poems

TogetherThe yellow golden lightOf the fast and steady whistling night,Cascading sound bytesWispy and translucent,Mirrors of affection, wolves incantations,Dirty sinners washing bloody hands,Washed ashore in sunlight's sinking bands,A fading friends loss of cohesionGlimmers in the twilight's sinking vision.Autumn whispers cold and strong,With winter's cruel fingers come,To lay in snow body numb,He longs for rest, weary, cold.No... Continue Reading →

Meadows and Flame

I'm coming to you once again today, Naked of soul in child's innocence, Robed in lavish scarlet of latent love, And dying for just one moment of truth. Years of whispering to the night sky, Yield to the flit of a deer's flaming tail, Turning to defy bloodied hunter's hands, At the iminent threat to... Continue Reading →

Fighting for Every Day

Every once in a while I'll feel like the whole world lights up and suddenly I write pages and pages and I feel like someday I'll make it, but then I blink and it fades away, and then I feel guilty for letting it. And I want to live on the edge, just to be awake.... Continue Reading →

Something is so unutterably lonely About the American way. I saw it in the longing gaze of Daisy Faye. She cried to her lover, begging for hope That only he could find Seas of chocolate sorrow begged his aid. These seas of sadness languished in opulence Surpassing all imagining Tears inside a diamond box of... Continue Reading →

Awesome song of the Day!

Little bit nervous about Jay-Z producing The Great Gatsby Soundtrack, but this song is AH-Mazing. Florence and the Machine is my favorite singer 😀 Link: Over the Love

“I bless thee, …

"I bless thee, O Father of Heaven and Earth, that ever I saw Flaxman's face. Angels stand round my Spirit in Heaven, the blessed of Heaven are my friends upon earth. When Flaxman was taken to Italy, Fuseli was given to me for a season, And now Flaxman has given me Hayley his friend to... Continue Reading →

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