Longing for God’s Will: What did Mary Know

In my advent journal this week there was a meditation about how Mary "longed for what God was asking of her." The meditation referred to how Mary asked "be it done unto me according to Thy Word," when the Angel Gabriel told her she would be the Mother of God. It continued to talk about... Continue Reading →

“The Elusive Nature of God”

*title by Patrick O'Donnell The hard thing, the impossible thing, about God, or really I guess about a true relationship with God, is that He is not physically present in the way that our other relationships are. The philosophical question as my husband phrased it is, "Is it even possible to have a relationship with... Continue Reading →

God Hears Your Petty Prayers

Earlier this week, I laid on my stomach in our bed in complete despair. I was budgeting, and we couldn't make it on what we had. There was no way to meet all of our needs. I was going to have to get a job and leave my sweet little girls in daycare, or Patrick... Continue Reading →

The Ever Mother Part 3

The soul seethed in agon's blinding dark wall And twisted from the appearance of all sides, But when she lay down her head for One's call, The Mother came and sang swe'eternal lullabies. Hush dear, release the burden of your self. The ego that stands in a rebelling heart. Release the chains pride tightens round... Continue Reading →

The Ever-Mother Part 2

"But" the poor one groaned in ignorance, How could you loose the chains ignominible? They each tread diamond black on my chest, And render dirty hands incapable. A glare descended from nearby on high, A towerer who had come to her once And asking dear one to with the Lord's will comply Looked on with joy... Continue Reading →

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