Plato’s Soulmates

You were the one who told me of creatures Split in two for being too powerful. You were the one who conjured me seer, And filled my recognition overfull. But in the moment you scorned the story, Highlighting what Plato said that denied The magnificence of this love-majesty. Yet it returned to me in love... Continue Reading →

And the Lights Begin to Show

Sh. All the world is now gone black. Wait. For light is now soon coming back. The flashes.... Begin, Stacotto They jump. Again and now, They light up. Where melody had come with its sweet song... Harmony Crashes Now you play Along. "Joy" Manmade and dank, Crowds out pain, Cries, Ascend the chain Of Satan's... Continue Reading →


It is not some elegant romance tale, But just a moment of real, given hope. In the stupid bowling fun night tangle, Humbled in each well-foiled forward lope. The glance was almost kind and out of him, Not the callous flirtations of our own, But a human touch of his compassion, That escaped my notice... Continue Reading →

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