The Long Lost Love

Penelope glides across a railing As she watches the tumultuous sea. Cloud masses rise above, pierced as lightning Cuts across the night's looming ebony. As her blackened hair turns, sad eyes appear, And gaze into the distance wistfully, For the long lost love who had once been here, But had sailed these long years restlessly.... Continue Reading →

Stoop So Low

It was dawning dusk when the milky way Spilled out upon the grand mountains that play The melody of sunset just now passed And leave naught but ebbing glow for the last. And as she had watched the sunset back then, She waited to see what morning could send, But those who don't cry under... Continue Reading →

The Prayer of Night

Lord of the Mighty farflung name Blame in the hate flame burning eyes, Glass in the shattering lips of shame Quiet in the lovely maiden's sighs. Come in the mighty dusk of night Shatter in the storms worldrending, Shake, Burn in th'night's dawning day Crest the hill of dark unending. Forbid the word of he... Continue Reading →

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