The Hierarchy of Suffering

This meme has been going around like wildfire lately. It expresses the common idea that the way not to judge others for their struggles is to think that maybe they are not as strong as you are. On the surface, the intention is great. The idea is to encourage people not to judge others’ suffering. Every time I see it though, or hear someone express … Continue reading The Hierarchy of Suffering

For David and Karly <3

She did not look like anyone I had seen before. There was a red shape on her face that terrified me. I thought then that it was because I thought she was ugly, and I was so ashamed that I never talked to her. I think now, that it was because it scared me. I didn’t know what could cause something like that and I … Continue reading For David and Karly ❤

What the New York Abortion Bill Means to Me

When I found out I was pregnant with Emma, my husband walked away from me, went upstairs and blared slipknot. I trembled downstairs in fear. When I was pregnant with Emma, my husband and I fought every single day. These were not little, meaningless spats. They were screaming arguments, “How are we going to pay for that? How are we going to take care of … Continue reading What the New York Abortion Bill Means to Me


That’s a pain I’m not ready to write yet,It’s the one that flashes when I close my eyesAnd threatens to keep me from sleep,The poison that ceases the pain. It is the one that lies behind the pressOf haunts behind my head and neckTaunting the air that treads upon and inAnd breathing out in every sigh of relief. Lie here in comfort like the nightBreathe … Continue reading Nightmares