Bishops, Biden, and Brokenness in the Church

Ok, it’s time. I have been simultaneously working towards this and dreading it. The obligatory Biden and the Bishops post. Backstory: If you haven’t been consumed by the media on this, here’s the story: The USCCB, or US Conference of Catholic Bishops, voted last week on whether or not to draft a document on the... Continue Reading →

The Hierarchy of Suffering

This meme has been going around like wildfire lately. It expresses the common idea that the way not to judge others for their struggles is to think that maybe they are not as strong as you are. On the surface, the intention is great. The idea is to encourage people not to judge others' suffering.... Continue Reading →


That's a pain I'm not ready to write yet,It's the one that flashes when I close my eyesAnd threatens to keep me from sleep,The poison that ceases the pain.It is the one that lies behind the pressOf haunts behind my head and neckTaunting the air that treads upon and inAnd breathing out in every sigh... Continue Reading →

What I Want

I want to love I want to love in this burning heart. For you I want To long, come and remain apart. In each dark sound I want to hear your tender voice And lie so soft In Your love's all-sheltering embrace. I want to breathe Free and enlivened and so new That e'en in... Continue Reading →

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