Collaboration Poems


The yellow golden light
Of the fast and steady whistling night,
Cascading sound bytes
Wispy and translucent,
Mirrors of affection, wolves incantations,
Dirty sinners washing bloody hands,
Washed ashore in sunlight’s sinking bands,
A fading friends loss of cohesion
Glimmers in the twilight’s sinking vision.
Autumn whispers cold and strong,
With winter’s cruel fingers come,
To lay in snow body numb,
He longs for rest, weary, cold.
No three day tomb when Monday comes.


The Seen

Vicious moonlight of the oppresive overarcher,
Overbearing concrete building dealing with unspoken er,
Err of night’s goddess translucent,
Draped in darkness, empty hierophant,
Pillars of salt, marbled in forgiveness,
Bronze statues long for liveliness,
While the azure fairy lazes awhile,
Ancient kings teeth sharp from file,
Violating the heart’s strings open from wear,
Knight’s chest Chretien, young maiden heart open from tear.

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