The Long Lost Love

Penelope glides across a railing As she watches the tumultuous sea. Cloud masses rise above, pierced as lightning Cuts across the night's looming ebony. As her blackened hair turns, sad eyes appear, And gaze into the distance wistfully, For the long lost love who had once been here, But had sailed these long years restlessly.... Continue Reading →

Whither Goest Thou?

Perhaps in time it will all go away Perhaps this ink's the last for this day-age. If so then mayhap I must ask what next? And leave the lingering dark for joyous tests. I gaze upon that world again afraid That once more I'll be forced again to hide, But then I wait and hear... Continue Reading →

The Ever-Mother Part 2

"But" the poor one groaned in ignorance, How could you loose the chains¬†ignominible? They each tread diamond black on my chest, And render dirty hands incapable. A glare descended from nearby on high, A towerer who had come to her once And asking dear one to with the Lord's will comply Looked on with joy... Continue Reading →

Come Fair Soldier

Awash in the darkened sea A dragon languishing on my chest I call the slayer near to me And beg he come and do his best. But he lies still upon the beach And gazes at the morning sun Waiting for God's will to come seek The dying princess to be his one. Come slayer... Continue Reading →

The Canal Song

I linger with the mosquito buzzing all around surrounding Dusting concrete rests below, the pelican beside me sings. Our eyes meet in the suns expanse as far as my eyes stretch Romantic dreams in the armospheres dewey sunny breath. My deepest heart climbs through my chest, struggling forward Begging you. Begging that you bestow this... Continue Reading →

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