Plato’s Soulmates

You were the one who told me of creatures Split in two for being too powerful. You were the one who conjured me seer, And filled my recognition overfull. But in the moment you scorned the story, Highlighting what Plato said that denied The magnificence of this love-majesty. Yet it returned to me in love... Continue Reading →

A Slow Cure

A little girl cried out, "Does none love me?" And gazed out the panes in certain despair, Her curtained heart barred her eyes that would see, And she faded into imagined worlds so fair. While the rain passed by singing... Chorus: Hey, Li La, sweet child of all The slow cure is e'er the surest.... Continue Reading →

What I Want

I want to love I want to love in this burning heart. For you I want To long, come and remain apart. In each dark sound I want to hear your tender voice And lie so soft In Your love's all-sheltering embrace. I want to breathe Free and enlivened and so new That e'en in... Continue Reading →

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