Make Your Choice

About a week ago, I wrote a blog post about man's ability to choose his God. I have noticed that God will, in many ways, be whoever we ask Him to be. Even immediately after I wrote it, though I felt it was finished and said it was supposed to say, I felt like there... Continue Reading →

“The Elusive Nature of God”

*title by Patrick O'Donnell The hard thing, the impossible thing, about God, or really I guess about a true relationship with God, is that He is not physically present in the way that our other relationships are. The philosophical question as my husband phrased it is, "Is it even possible to have a relationship with... Continue Reading →

Questioning Felix Culpa

There's just some days where everything annoys youWhere suddenly your eyes are opened to all thatWould normally bother you, but for a day it's so much worseHow can that exist in the world?And you just keep going but uncomfortableSomething hanging its head on your heart That doesn't let go until something heals youBeauty embraces the darkness... Continue Reading →

The Writing of Regency Park

Here comes the very first novel accomplished your very own... ME? Nah, I can't write a novel. Never going to happen. I am just a normal person, with no real talent. How could that happen? People don't make money off books anyway, Why bother? And worse, it's almost like a diary entry, Could you be... Continue Reading →

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