Early Release Announcement!

Hey friends! Thank you so much for keeping up with my writing! I'm excited to announce that in addition to my writing, I'm going to start working on getting my artwork out there. I'm re-starting my Etsy, with more variety this time, and the early release items are up! Everything is only available in a... Continue Reading →

There's too much in my heart now, I feel that muchess coming on, An explosion of emotion denied Emerging to consume me in black pitch I grieve intensely at watching news Other's misfortune tearing me apart, I laugh heartily at silly sitcoms Like they are as funny as they think they are. It always happens,... Continue Reading →

Stoop So Low

It was dawning dusk when the milky way Spilled out upon the grand mountains that play The melody of sunset just now passed And leave naught but ebbing glow for the last. And as she had watched the sunset back then, She waited to see what morning could send, But those who don't cry under... Continue Reading →

It’s Beautiful, Tom

She  opened her eyes wide and melted Into the beauty of her treasured life. "It's beautiful, Tom." she said,  "Full of love!" The lines forbade him forgetting himself. He was a painter of the cherished home. One who watched the charmed life of the village, And his sorrow melded into tenderness. A hymn to the... Continue Reading →

A Poem About A Car

Each day she resisted, hes'tant to wake She snapped to work only minutes later, And jumped to do my commanding will, But something in her longed to remain still. I was tender with her burden a while Lovingly urging her forward from rest, But in the time I treated her gently Violence surged within her... Continue Reading →

All Above(A Soft Sweet Love)

Wisps of clouds bud orange, blue, white, Here are soft layers that fly They stretch below me, soft love below me in the sky, Fading, misting, my window to the lights. Twinkling tales of lives below the night, A house, men’s work-a-day, everyday jobsite A sole, tall steady one, standing tall and bright It must... Continue Reading →

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