F***ing Beautiful

I’m so f***ing beautiful deep inside,
Somewhere in caverns you can never see,
Because I’m so f***ing powerful, Cry
And I will crush your petty dreaming plea.

Stop whining for your glistening paradise
The world is crumbling end to shattered end,
Breathe in the blackest smoke and roll the dice,
You almost talked for yourself, I don’t bend.

I won’t cry, I come out fierce and burning
I hate the tar bricks you buried me in,
And I’ll emerge pissed and nearly flaming
Red tornado in defiance of sin.

I hope when its angry, with energy
From burying into the s***sand ,
Somewhere the dark-battle in synergy
Of the darkness rising from brick and band

Into green molested by ash and soot,
Stop with the picture words and fairytales,
Charming won’t come to fit a slipper to your foot
Before you endure the tolling of bells.

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