A Change?

What if I wrote something different? Like if I just wrote what I'm thinking Instead of getting all fancy schmancy With my flourishes from college.

A Blog About Sex

So the other day, A friend asked on a Facebook group, Some questions about sex. I was SO excited. I love sex. I am good at sex. It's cool. I had answers for questions, I had all kinds of things to say, And then I said, Haha maybe I should start a blog about sex... Continue Reading →

To Emma

Dear Little Emma,My precious little girl, prettiest thing I've ever seen. I'm here to tell you about your daddy. He's come at a time I thought you would never be. I stopped wanting to see you, so the pain wouldn't eat me alive. I dreamed you last night and I couldn't even breathe. You are the... Continue Reading →

The Poet Will Die

Leonard: "Why does someone have to die...in your book?" Virginia: "Someone has to die in order that the rest us should value life more...it's contrast" Leonard: "And who will die?"... Virginia: "The poet will die. The visionary." It was one of those when somehow everything is perfectly beautiful and wonderful. A trap suffocated the joy... Continue Reading →

Fighting for Every Day

Every once in a while I'll feel like the whole world lights up and suddenly I write pages and pages and I feel like someday I'll make it, but then I blink and it fades away, and then I feel guilty for letting it. And I want to live on the edge, just to be awake.... Continue Reading →

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