As Quarantine began, the community led by Catholic Creatives exploded with innovators inspired to help others through their struggles. We faced our own giants of fear and trepidation, but something in us drove us to community and fellowship. My desire was to fill social media with art to help with the constant deluge of news... Continue Reading →

Searching for a Home

Today, I got up all bright and peppy excited for a day of submitting my work. I labored for hours over my lists of places to submit and realized I don't know where I fit. I've published some amazing stuff in mediocre ways, and I have work I'm proud of that no one has seen.... Continue Reading →

A Change?

What if I wrote something different? Like if I just wrote what I'm thinking Instead of getting all fancy schmancy With my flourishes from college.

A Blog About Sex

So the other day, A friend asked on a Facebook group, Some questions about sex. I was SO excited. I love sex. I am good at sex. It's cool. I had answers for questions, I had all kinds of things to say, And then I said, Haha maybe I should start a blog about sex... Continue Reading →


Have you ever thought about checking yourself into a mental institution?Felt like you were looking into a mirror on the backside of your brainAnd that all you found was the potential for terror and not to mention, horror-Your own ability to destroy everything good in your own life?I think the most horrifying moment in life... Continue Reading →

To Emma

Dear Little Emma,My precious little girl, prettiest thing I've ever seen. I'm here to tell you about your daddy. He's come at a time I thought you would never be. I stopped wanting to see you, so the pain wouldn't eat me alive. I dreamed you last night and I couldn't even breathe. You are the... Continue Reading →

The Poet Will Die

Leonard: "Why does someone have to die...in your book?" Virginia: "Someone has to die in order that the rest us should value life more...it's contrast" Leonard: "And who will die?"... Virginia: "The poet will die. The visionary." It was one of those when somehow everything is perfectly beautiful and wonderful. A trap suffocated the joy... Continue Reading →

A Masquerade

I'm so ashamed of myself.What am I doing? Why am I here?Why am I silent yet again?Why is there so much I have still to say?I can't really be angry yet,Not quite alive enough to self-loathe,And not enough to hate,Just enough to have this gnawing...It grows inside of me,Eating at what is left of who... Continue Reading →

The Black Forest

Before it happened, I was driving through St Louis-looking at power lines.Just like Dallas-so many ugly power lines.I hate when there are so many power lines everywhere.DId I just not see these at home?Every time I see these I wonder, why do I hate themSo much, an immense frustration every timeThey offend my eyes and ruin... Continue Reading →

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