Love First

I am currently reading a book about Boundaries that threw me for a loop and shut me down a little bit. I started to believe that maybe everything I ever said was wrong and everything I have ever believed is ridiculous. It discusses that it is ok to set boundaries and say "this is ok"... Continue Reading →


I'm not ready for the winter yet,The chill keeps going to my bones,Grating on the marrow and refusing to speak,Pulling each moment from empty sticks.Don't judge me, not again,I just wanted to see something I loved,I just thought it would be lovely, And to me, but just to me, it was.I'd say I was just waiting... Continue Reading →

Maxima Culpa

I have been so frustrated about the existence of bad things lately. I saw a bird eating a roadkill squirrel the other day.I was so angry I didn't know whether to curse, or cry,So I just yelled, the entire way to Church about how unfair it was.I hate when people want to hurt other people.I am... Continue Reading →

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