God Hears Your Petty Prayers

Earlier this week, I laid on my stomach in our bed in complete despair. I was budgeting, and we couldn't make it on what we had. There was no way to meet all of our needs. I was going to have to get a job and leave my sweet little girls in daycare, or Patrick... Continue Reading →

Dear John,

Dear John Really? You still haven't called? It's been a week and a half now, and all you have done is one Facebook IM to me, and a couple responses when I talked to you last night. This wouldnt seem so weird if I didn't know your roommates. I know you've been asking about me.... Continue Reading →

Phil’sosophy of the Night

I need a man in my life.For some very important reasons.Like earth shattering crucialness here people.There are spiders in houses. Seriously. SPIDERS.And sooner or later there will be a spider in MY house. And I may or may not....who am I kidding...I WILL have to kill it myself.All by myself. While shaking, and squealing....and....running,Probably clothed in a... Continue Reading →

The Terror

There you are. When I said I saw you Standing there alone...I lied. But now, Now it's true, and you are standing here, new, Alone and different, distant, somehow. Maybe it's because you're not really here, Just here in the throes of my memory. You stand alone, looking at me, seer Of all that I... Continue Reading →

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