Please Stop Choosing Sides

Lately, my newsfeed has been inundated with posts screaming, “YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE A SIDE.” Of course, half the time the premise also includes condescending language about how if you don’t choose a side, you are choosing the wrong side, and there is something wrong with you. I am so sick of this. Let me tell you right now. You do not have to choose … Continue reading Please Stop Choosing Sides


Have you ever felt so much pleasure that you thought your entire body might explode? Have you ever stopped being intimate because you were afraid you might not be able to handle what was coming? Have you ever submitted completely only to be racked by a painful pleasure that just won’t stop? If you haven’t, you haven’t experienced all that the orgasm has to offer. … Continue reading Ecstasy


I am so overwhelmed right now.If you are not my future husband you should not even talk to me.If you do you risk hearing about my probable ulcer,My panic attacks, my skewed philosophies, or worse-desperate housewives, Because if I don’t trust you enough to fall apart in front of you,All you will hear about is desperate housewives and sex,Because I am going to have sex … Continue reading Transitions


Advent is a time of year When the strings of the violin are too taut, Faithful everywhere are worn, And tired of each day’s toilsome lot. Hearts writhe in fearsome rest Lingering in the world’s heavy skepticism Gasping air of lasting life And forbidding each step into life’s rhythm. Just wait another day or two, What everyone’s longing for is coming. The world’s dark cynicism … Continue reading Longing