I just want to write what I really feel,Don’t really want to talk tonight.I just wanted to talk about what’s sneaking out my windowpanes I can’t express. I wanted to see your name on the ID again,I wanted that picture to great my eyes again.Everytime I see it, I see you and it’s like,Well it’s like maybe I’m in love again. But this time I know … Continue reading Lost


I didn’t have alcohol for the hangover today, remember the Cry Fest yesterday? Yeah, that happened. Then I stayed up until three in the morning. Why, exactly? Because I can? And because I felt like it…..because I didn’t want to go to sleep, I wanted the tranquilizer dart we all love most. TV Time. Hooray. Perhaps my depression is coming from that sucky reality of … Continue reading Hangover


How when there is so much to say one cannot, How when one should write to mourn nothing’s wrong. How when all is lost, no more is sought, How when needed most, I quench the song. How the black abyss looks for my answer, How I turn from all and say it’s all ok. How I just cannot say where my hurts were Because I … Continue reading Funny