First Impressions: Pope Benedict’s Letter about the Church Scandals

Ok, if you're reading this, remember this is my first impressions upon reading only part of the letter, I'll write again when I actually get to read the whole thing. I have to admit all I want to do is roll my eyes so far. Seriously, just blame the whole thing on artists and the... Continue Reading →

Communion is like Sex

When I was in college, I took a class on Theology of the Body and it changed my life. A little after that class ended, I was kneeling at the Communion rail, when I heard as if from a quiet voice nearby, "Communion is like sex." I shook it off as a temptation from the... Continue Reading →

What Sex and the City got Right

Sex and the City was the first mainstream television show to feature women talking about sex. Now, to be fair, a lot of the conversations are awkward and inauthentic, but whatever they were, they set an example for women. Women can "locker room talk" too! This is important, not so that women can be just... Continue Reading →

The Revolution

They gape in horror at the screen before them,"I can't believe these people. Turn this off."A lip quivered inside my brain,"Please don't."Then it was gone, with all my hopeOf hearing company's tale. Repression, suffocation, isolation,There is no agony like isolation.Any pain can be endured if you are not the only one,If for one moment someone else... Continue Reading →

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