A Letter to the Misfits

Dear Lonely One, I see you. Holding yourself together in the corner in back of the Church, frantically rocking your babies in the front row, sitting at home because it hurt too much last time. I see you struggling and doing your best. I see you when they speak cruel words to you and it... Continue Reading →

The Overwhelming Neverending Reckless Love of God: Biden’s Mass Invitation-Meaningless, or Powerful beyond Measure?

On Inauguration Day 2021, our new President Joseph R. Biden began the day by attending Mass with the leaders of both parties. Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, and the Bidens, entered into the presence of Jesus together, to start this presidency off with God first. Unfortunately, many Christians immediate instinct was to... Continue Reading →

Palm Sunday

It's Palm Sunday today. Growing up this was a day that even if we were seriously sick you went to Mass anyway. But I am not going to Mass today. I am looking in on myself from the outside in while I sit volunteering at a yoga studio,reflecting on that girl. I know what my mother... Continue Reading →

The puzzle pieces

She woke again, reminding me, "I'm not hard hearted." I see the face of those in need, And long that they be comforted. I long, not only that others Will come, but churn with desire To come myself to my brothers, To deny my own hearts sire. But the twist in a deep found root,... Continue Reading →


It is not some elegant romance tale, But just a moment of real, given hope. In the stupid bowling fun night tangle, Humbled in each well-foiled forward lope. The glance was almost kind and out of him, Not the callous flirtations of our own, But a human touch of his compassion, That escaped my notice... Continue Reading →

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