Ugly Cry, or, My Awakening: The Tension Between Cultivating Joy and Feeling Heard

Lately, I have been feeling like a ping pong ball in my own head. I'm learning a lot about a lot of things, but the problem is they all seem to contradict each other. I am learning how to cultivate joy, but I am also learning how to give myself space to be sad, I... Continue Reading →

Praying for your Husband

I am constantly hearing women ask, "How do I get my husband to do Dave Ramsey too? I'm on bored, but he is not." I have so been there. I was so frustrated with my husband for years that I couldn't convince him, and he wouldn't hear me. We tried to do it once, but... Continue Reading →

Dear my love,I am sitting up tonight writing a letter to you because you have to sleep sometime! I can't expect you to stay awake all the time, even if I wish we could because I cannot possibly get enough time with you. I still can't believe by the way how strongly I feel that... Continue Reading →

Fire Within and Without

Maybe it's a desire for the end of the surrealA craving for something beyond comprehension-to become real.Maybe its a vindictive self abuseA desire for a pain that speaksTo others and your crueller selfMaybe its a question of worthinessAm I worthy to be worriedOnly if its me tooMaybe it's even worseA desire for the attention to... Continue Reading →

Face The RedWell, you know a problem has gotten bad when non-profit organizations are made in its honor....but this video is comforting, at least for me. There is something about art that levels the playing field. It reminds you that you are only human, suffering the same nightmares as everyone else, and somehow the monsters... Continue Reading →


Well, now that the rant is off my chest, now I've got to get some ideas out so there can be some sort of resolution to the frustration. Candlemaking Poetry Writing Painting Cake and cupcake baking Cooking Consignment stores Crocheting Maurice's yoga personal training

Red Letter Day

Well today was another red letter day. One of those where the terror slowly grows in your heart until you explode in tears and everyone starts telling you, "Hey it's just life. This is how it goes. Because THAT is somewhat comforting. ....except it's NOT. Hey it's life. Well then life sucks. And the answer... Continue Reading →

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