As Quarantine began, the community led by Catholic Creatives exploded with innovators inspired to help others through their struggles. We faced our own giants of fear and trepidation, but something in us drove us to community and fellowship. My desire was to fill social media with art to help with the constant deluge of news... Continue Reading →

Stay: For those in Isolation

Dear Friend, You are lonely tonight.  When the rest of us cheered Delighted at time away, Your heart quaked in fear. You were faced with isolation, Alone with yourself, You are haunted by your demons.  I have fought that dark fight  When night seems endless I begged for release and screamed While no one could... Continue Reading →


Ive never been an angry person. In fact, for most of my life I never got angry no matter what anyone did to me- just hurt or maybe upset but never angry. Now last night I caught myself calming myself down at work by imagining different ways to kill the person who made me mad.... Continue Reading →

A Day Off’s Rant

Another job rejection today. I asked Wells Fargo for any more job openings because I didn't get the job because there was someone with more experience. The email back said that I need to take another 6 months to gain the background they need. The old cliche, you can't have this job until you get... Continue Reading →

Days when there is nothing to say

sometimes there is just nothing to say-When the day wasn't that badAnd good wasn't the name for it eitherSometimes you live the day not dyingAnd that's enough to make it better than okBut not enough to make it great.

Reaching out

so, a couple days ago I finally reached out to a yoga teacher who I really thought might be able to help me figure out how to take the next step in feeling better. She works with pregnant women and I was told she could relate to the miscarriage and stuff. So I finally wrote... Continue Reading →


I painted this one night in the midst of my engagement to my now husband. An engagement which was a special kind of hell in the hells I have endured in my life.That is something I still struggle with is just how awful our engagement was-not him and I-but our colossally controlling and sometimes cruel... Continue Reading →

The Yoga of Me

Yoga is doing something to me. Everytime I come to yoga class something comes alive in me, or maybe it doesn't come alive- maybe it just turns its head ever so slightly, like a sleeping dragon. I have not written here in so long. So much has happened. I moved back in with my parents to... Continue Reading →

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