What my Miscarriage Taught me About Being Christian

Rachel Hollis said, “Everything does NOT happen for a reason, but you can FIND a meaning in anything.” My first miscarriage is the first thing that came to mind. Every time I read “everything happens for a reason,” my heart hardens and grows colder, the hair on the back of my neck stands up, and I become a little bit nauseous. Why? You ask. If … Continue reading What my Miscarriage Taught me About Being Christian


It’s crazy to me how promptly my psyche starts to sabotage any amount of success I experience. I self-published a book last night, and almost immediately the chorus began. “You just self-published, that doesn’t mean anything, no one will ever read it anyway.” I even started feeling like I was ripping people off who decided to buy it. And that’s ridiculous! I know because the … Continue reading Sabotage


Come into me, lover of just my lips, Embrace this withered soul and bringit life Again. That cup of joy in which I sipped, Before the world grew grey with unsought strife. Perhaps if once upon the shores of skin, Your waves began to chase and trail, torment, A breath would surge forth from the dead within, And make the white sands breathe forth their … Continue reading Come