Experiencing Joy in a Struggling World

Yesterday, after awkwardly attempting to share the story of why I believe that our house was such a gift from God, I found out about 2 separate tragic deaths. Both are far enough removed from me that it doesn't really make sense for me to be grieving, but they really hit me hard. I found... Continue Reading →

I have a theory about Post Partum Depression. I haven't talked about it, because I'm kind of afraid I'm going to get stoned for this, but hear me out, ok? I have a theory that PPD is not really a thing as much as we think it is. I think what everyone thinks is PPD... Continue Reading →


Have you ever thought about checking yourself into a mental institution?Felt like you were looking into a mirror on the backside of your brainAnd that all you found was the potential for terror and not to mention, horror-Your own ability to destroy everything good in your own life?I think the most horrifying moment in life... Continue Reading →

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