On the Road to Austin Excerpt 2

There was a nervous energy creeping along the windows and the walls of the perfect 70's house that night. 5 women twisting and turning with ¬†Austin freedom as they pricked and prodded until their everything was perfect and prepared. Two languished in pain that only women know and came in momentarily, only to end up... Continue Reading →


I feel like it would be really cool to document my pilgrimage to Austin this week. I tend to go on a vacation everytime I leave a job, and so far it has been SUCH a wonderful way to grow as a person when I start a new part of my life!¬†This trip I am... Continue Reading →

The Cross

There is a burden descended to my chest, I will not lie and say there isn't one, But the comfort is what's to come is best, And so I'm singing the redemption song. A Savior's come to lead me to my home, The one I've longed for since I was a child. He's told me... Continue Reading →


Well, I passed you up in years, Now I've grown up and you're...just you. College kid, working out and beer, Something old but still something new. You sang a song of being rich, And gazed with compassion's own eyes, Then just before you left to ditch, I asked within for your surprise. And then three... Continue Reading →

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