Understanding Unity and Accountability Through the Lens of Confession

For the last week, there has been a lot of talk about unity. This comes on the heels of an attack on our country's Capitol that left much of the country shook and uncertain of our future. Almost immediately those who still support Trump started shifting the blame, dismissing the pain others are feeling about... Continue Reading →

Thank you, Jussie Smollett: Sending love

  The first thing I saw when I searched for news of your attack was, He "turned down extra security before the event." My mind started spinning with conspiracy theories from every TV show I have ever watched. If this was the CW, you would have perfectly orchestrated the attack for some money-related reason, or... Continue Reading →


Suddenly there's some anger,Maybe at myself for spending just a little Too much once again. Maybe just what made me fall off the waterfall.What is wrong with you?Some unnamed authority curses my name,What makes you think you are ok?Maybe there'e no hope for you.Cruelty engrained upon your skin,Embossing each movement with tension's kiss,Embodying fear and life itself In... Continue Reading →

A Praised Man

He came to walk amidst the crowds, But then he died, ascended, rose. In doing so he left a shroud, And a book of layered prose. We read it analogical, Allegorical and more, Some men threaten with its evil, Others proclaim glory's roar. Yet there are those who hear them all, And wonder at the... Continue Reading →

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