Please Stop Choosing Sides

Lately, my newsfeed has been inundated with posts screaming, "YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE A SIDE." Of course, half the time the premise also includes condescending language about how if you don't choose a side, you are choosing the wrong side, and there is something wrong with you. I am so sick of this. Let me... Continue Reading →

Somehow now I can't read what once was love, The pages that evoked a gasp from me, Like they were sent to my heart from above, Kindling fire by which all men could see. Now I begin with ashen heart of stone And ask to hear one truth that I have not, That I may... Continue Reading →


I am an artist who is broken,For I am an artist who refuses to be honest.But what is an artist but someone who is....Honest.About all of it.Someone who looks at you, reveals you,And everyone they are to youIn horrifyingly glaring truth.Nauseating we clashWith the dashed illusions Of the artist's audience.The tears upon the stage haunt what is... Continue Reading →

The World Walks

God, the world is so very tired, Just walking one step ahead slowly, Weighed down by the one before it, Head down to neither past nor future see. The little women cry for water now, And children sob in hunger for Their bread. Men crass and hard vow, Not to show pain in th'unending war.... Continue Reading →

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